FCN Trading Academy offers a full range of investor education products and services that provide lifelong learning and support to self-directed investors to help improve their investment performance. The FCN Training Course is designed to teach both experienced and beginning investors how to successfully trade the stock market. FCN Trading Academy also offers a large selection of additional training tutorial videos, a daily stock pick newsletter, training seminars and access to a professional trading room.

You do not need experience as a stock investor to take our courses. They are developed to give you the information you need to start trading.

FCN Trading Academy offers beginning, intermediate and advanced training materials. The FCN Training Course has trading techniques that are very powerful. If you have not used stock charts in your trading so far, this is a must have training course. Training gives outstanding stock picks throughout the day real-time so that is very useful for both experienced and beginning traders.

The Daily Stock Picks Newsletter subscription will give you a newsletter 5 days a week in text and video. There are tutorial videos integrated with the newsletters as well as additional tools in the member's area. You can also view videos that were posted from previous newsletters.

Your personal motivation, lifestyle, and investing style will determine how much time you can to devote to your investing. The more active you are in your investing, the better results that you are likely to achieve. The investing strategies and stock picks given in both The FCN Training Course and The Daily Stock Picks Newsletter can be used to spend a few minutes a day entering an order.

No, you can complete all of our Courses on your own schedule.

We have a stock market education course that covers basic, intermediate and advanced techniques. This is called The FCN Training Course. We also have The Trading System which gives real-time stock picks for all styles of trading from intraday trades (also known as day trading), swing trades, intermediate term trades (weeks to months), stock options, and short selling stock picks. We continue to develop additional educational courses that may help advanced your education.

In our Private Coaching Program, you can request one-to-one help from our staff coaches via e-mail, phone or Live Chat. By contrast, our Training Seminars are very good Instead of talking to coaches on the phone and listening to them describe something on the screen, Training Seminars allow you to see exactly what the coaches are referring to, because you can see their screens in real time.

No, FCN Trading Academy currently does not have software yet that will tell you what to buy but that is under development. FCN Trading Academy provides the training on how to use and interpret such software packages that are available from your brokerage firm.

No, you do not need to complete any tests before enrolling in our programs.

No, FCN Trading Academy is not an accredited university.

Otherwise, all other course materials are available via FCN Trading Academy Online, where you can find archived live sessions and much more, depending on the course or program for which you have registered. Your user name and password are sent via e-mail when you subscribe to the Daily Stock Picks Newsletter.

No, there is no option to back your money once it paid than after you can take training any time In future if you missed you schedule date. You can pay your fees by cheque or Online.

If a friend referred you to FCN Trading Academy and you would like them to receive the referral bonus, you may contact the referrals department at service@fcntraining.com

You may use a Visa, MasterCard Debit Card, Demand Draft or Cheque

Yes, you will need a brokerage account to invest in the stock market.

The largest Equity, Commodity Broker LKP Shares. Currently, the founder of FCN Trading Academy, Vijay Kanpariya suggests many other products also for different kind of traders.

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